Laura Kessler’s

Visibility Breakthrough

 for Perfectionists, Procrastinators and Peak Performers


“How you GROW UP is how you SHOW UP…

but it’s never too late to change the Blueprint”


 Are you frustrated with the chorus of loud imitators eclipsing genuine, original talent on the airwaves and in the Cloud? 

What’s an Introvert to do in a media environment that favors shock-jocks and Gurus Gone Wild????

Do you long for a world with less Miley and more TED???

Me too.

If this is YOU or someone close to you, I am here to help….and I love to work fast.

I have been coaching creative adult professionals for nearly 20 years, in the fields of entertainment, voice, public speaking and business, and my mission is simple: to find and improve Your Voice In Business.


  • Identify the CONFIDENCE BLUEPRINT that was formed in childhood, which continues to shape your Unique Visibility Archetype and the way you show up in business, life and relationships.
  • Identify your own Visibility Quadrant to see where you are playing BIG and where you may still be playing SMALL, and where to FOCUS FIRST, so you don’t waste time.
  • Recognize your own SPHERES OF INFLUENCE AND TRUST for core-identity anchoring, networking strategies and AUTHENTIC VISIBILITY BREAKTHROUGH.
  • Develop and SEIZE MORE OPPORTUNITIES in front of you instead of waiting on the sidelines.


 You cannot fully manifest a heart-centered mission without a confident, visible message.

In my first ever virtual online telecourse, I’ve created a safe and substantive way to explore the mindset issues that are at the root of how we show up in life.  It is also the perfect starting point for those considering working with me 1:1 in other facets of speaking and performance coaching.



4 week online Virtual Telecourse 

28 days to a new, improved Visibility & Confidence Blueprint

 Attend from anywhere, in the comfort of your home or office.

Class begins September 24, 2013*

 *All classes will be recorded live each Tuesday with MP3 files and worksheets available to access anytime, anywhere in case you ever need to miss a class.

Classes will air LIVE with time for interactive Q&A each Tuesday at 8:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 PM Pacific

September 24 – October 15

 You will receive email support between classes as well, because I am COMMITTED to you achieving a TRUE VISIBILITY BREAKTHROUGH TRANSFORMATION.


The Outer Work doesn’t work fully until you fix the Inner mindset work, and it frustrates me to no end to see some of the most creative people I know keep their music hidden inside them – literally and figuratively.


I want to reach all the people who really need this, so I’ve made it affordable as well as easy to double up with a support buddy for extra accountability.

 Click below to register.

Early-bird Special $50 savings now through August 31, 2013  (Regular Tuition is $197 after August 31st)

 BONUS: ENROLL A FRIEND FOR $97 – that’s 50% off… only $244 for both of you if enrolled by August 31st!

 Just use the PayPal button below to register, or call for payment instructions at 773-381-5800


$147 before August 31st

or $244 for you and a friend enrolled by August 31st

[After Sept. 1st, Tuition will be $197, or $294 for 2 people]


My Mission for 2013 is to help Introverts play bigger, and Extroverts play smarter.

Because we ALL can do better. And we must.


Express your true brilliance and potential.


Because if not now, when?



 *A limited number of Scholarships are available. If you would like to APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP or

CONTRIBUTE SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS to help others, please Contact Us.